Saturday, March 31, 2007

March May Be Over, But the Mustache Will Live On Forever

For real, Aaron and I decided that we weren't going to keep the mustaches... on our faces anymore. Yeah, so we framed them. Why not? We're gonna put then up in the coffee shop. We figure that's the best place for them and we won't have to battle over custody. Thanks to everybody that participated in the March of the Mustache. I wish I'd gotten a picture of Eddie, his really was the best, but he's the most gorgeous anyway.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Mustaches say one thing... uninhibited.

Well actually they say a series of one single words... Uninhibited just happens to be the first... After that I guess you could say invincible. You can take that several ways. First, the mustache as a conventional facial fixture, will never be gone. It's been around since the Roman Caesars. Secondly, when you've got a mustache you just feel invincible, nobody gonna mess with you. They can't take it... I don't blame them. Which leads me to my next "one thing" and that's intimidating. Look at this pic.. YEOW! Not too long! I don't want to get too scared... whew.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

What we're looking for here is 100% participation

Yeah!!!! Are you kidding me?

Pictured here is one of our regulars taking it to the limit with a sweet mutt-stache! Oh girl.... In my opinion he looks like one of those pictures of old school baseball players... you know the kind that only came in tobacco pouches... sweet action...

Bring on the March!!!

Just Good... As you can see The March of the Mustache is in full swing at Sunergos. We love it. In a couple days we'll get a pic up here with one of our owners showing his support for the mustache.

I hope others are encouraged to Rock the Stache because of this. It's so funny. We took a bunch of shots with Kane's computer, but I chose this one to show first because I feel like it'd be a sweet cover for a new indie-rock album ... you know if we ever cut one...