Thursday, January 25, 2007

Something to Look Forward To

Okay, so for those of you in Louisville. Boy have we got something awesome for you. As we've said before, the March of the Mustache is the brainchild of the employees of Sunergos Coffee ( I say "brainchild" but it turns out there really is nothing new under the sun and people have dedicated months to mustaches before, but oh well, this is gonna be the best. Anywho, all of the employees (not exactly "all" ... we're still working on Eric) are gonna be sporting super creative mustaches and we are encouraging all of our customers to participate. We're daily going to be taking pictures of them and posting them on this site and hopefully at the end of the month we'll put the best ones up in the shop somewhere. So to whet your appetites a little, here's a picture of our very own, Brooks Ritter, from the summer. Oh yeah, bring that stache back!

1 comment:

Nate said...

I salute you in your quest to revive the 'stache. You should join with us to fight the battle!!