Monday, March 12, 2007

Mustaches say one thing... uninhibited.

Well actually they say a series of one single words... Uninhibited just happens to be the first... After that I guess you could say invincible. You can take that several ways. First, the mustache as a conventional facial fixture, will never be gone. It's been around since the Roman Caesars. Secondly, when you've got a mustache you just feel invincible, nobody gonna mess with you. They can't take it... I don't blame them. Which leads me to my next "one thing" and that's intimidating. Look at this pic.. YEOW! Not too long! I don't want to get too scared... whew.


Brian said...

I just wanted to say nice work with your mustaches and was wondering if you were interested in helping us celebrate Mustache Day?

Anonymous said...

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